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OpenAI ERC Token Price Prediction | 2023-2025

OpenAI ERC20 is one of the trending new coin. This token is not affiliated with Open AI. As Open AI has gained more popularity in the last few weeks, the popularity of this token has also increased a lot. 

What is OpenAI ERC?

OpenAI ERC is the telegram bot that lets users access DALL-E and Chat GPT for free. As previously mentioned, this token isn’t affiliated with the OpenAI team. The OpenAI ERC token has more than 3k holders on the Ethereum blockchain. Until now OpenAI ERC token is only on Uniswap. It’s not listed on any significant centralized Exchanges.

OpenAI ERC token price predictions

OpenAI ERC Stats

Token NameOpenAI ERC
CMC Rank>3000
Current Supply100,000,000
Total Supply100,000,000

How to buy OpenAI ERC token?

You can buy OpenAI ERC tokens from Uniswap. Until now, none of the CEX has listed the OpenAI ERC token. 

Is the OpenAI ERC token a good investment?

According to our analysis, the OpenAI ERC token is a risky investment, and this project is not affiliated with the Open AI team. It’s just like most of the meme tokens with few utilities. They are providing OpenAI services throughout their telegram bot. We suggest our readers invest a small amount as it’s hazardous. It may pump well or even go to 0.

Is OpenAI ERC token good for long-term hold?

No, the OpenAI ERC token isn’t a good choice for a long-term hold. 

Who created the OpenAI ERC token?

There isn’t any information about the creator of OpenAI ERC 20 on their official website.

OpenAI ERC token social media stats

OpenAI ERC has more than 6k followers on its Twitter account. They have more than 10k subscribers in their telegram account.

OpenAI ERC token price predictions

Untill now OpenAI ERC is like most of the memetokens, so it’s hard to predict its price. If the team keeps building and provide more utility to the user, we may see spike in its price.

YearMin PriceAverage PriceMax Price


OpenAI ERC token is getting good recognition from the crypto community. It’s not even affiliated with the OpenAI team, but the increasing popularity of Open AI has considerably boosted the OpenAI ERC token. This token was launched two weeks ago, and the number of holders is increasing massively. It doesn’t seem to be a good investment choice for the long term, and it’s similar to most meme tokens. We might see a big pump or dump in these coins, so trade at your own risk. 

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