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CBF Inu Price Prediction | 2023-2030

CBF inu is the fan meme token of the Brazil National Football Team. It’s the most popular fan meme token. As the Brazil National Team is performing well in this world cup, CBF inu is also performing well. Today we will do CBF inu price prediction, also you can find out whether it’s safe to invest in this meme fan token or not?.

CBF Inu Price Prediction

CBF fan token is launched in the BNB Smart Chain, and it’s available in PancakeSwap, some other CEX, and DEX. The total supply of CBF Inu Coin is 1,000,000,000,000. In every matches won by brazil and the goal scored by a Brazilian player, certain CBF Inu is burned.

CBF Inu’s key features

These are the major features of the CBF Inu coin, 

  • Free Bets- CBF Inu give chances for holders to place a bet in the Brazil National Team matches. If you make the correct prediction, you can get free CBF Inu tokens.
  • USDT Reward – 5% of all the CBF Inu buy-sell transactions are rewarded back to the users in USDT stablecoin.


Token NameCBFINU
Market Cap<$100,000
Circulating Supply950 B
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000
CoinMarketCap Ranking>#3000

Is the CBF Inu team doxxed?

No, there is no information about the CBF inu team on their website. 

Does CBF Inu have a Twitter profile?

Yes, CBF inu has a twitter profile with less than 1k followers.

Is CBF inu good investment?

CBF inu is just a meme token so it might be suitable for a short trade. But I don’t think it’s ideal for long-term investment.

Can CBF inu reach $0.001?

According to our analysis, there are very few possibilities of CBF inu reaching $0.001.

Is CBF inu good for long-term investment?

No CBF inu isn’t a good coin for long-term investment. Instead, you can view other memecoins like Shiba and Vita Inu.

Is CBF Inu Pump and Dump coin?

We can’t say anything about this, but it’s getting colossal trading volume due to the world cup. After this FIFA World Cup, we may see this coin going to zero, like many other coins.


CBF Inu is one of the most popular meme fan tokens. It has an impressive daily volume on pankcakeswap. According to our analysis, CBF inu isn’t a good coin for long-term investment. But if you are ready to take the risk for short-term gain, you may invest your money in this coin. 

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