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WeSendIt Token Price Prediction | 2022-2030

WeSendIt is one of the most popular company in file transfer and storage service. The company is based in Switzerland, and its client is top companies like meta, Disney, and Redbull. Now they have entered web3 with the main aim of helping people to store and transfer data securely.

WeSendIt Token Price Prediction

WeSendIt already has more than a 3.5million users from 150 different countries. According to the company official site, more than 2.85 billion data have been processed through them. WeSendIt’s main aim is to provide the public with decentralized file transfer and storage services. 

WeSendIt intro video, if you have only few info about WeSendIt project watch this video once.


What is WeSendIt (WSI) Token?

WeSendIt token is the coin issued by the WeSendIt company, similar to other cryptocurrencies. The total supply of WSI tokens is 1.5 Billion. Right now, WSI is only available in pancakeswap, it’s not listed on any centralized exchanges. The token will be used by WeSendIt clients.

WeSendIt Token Stats

Current Price$0.207
All Time High$0.2333
Circulating Supply37.5 Million
Total Supply1.5 Billion

WeSendIt Major Features

  • High data security
  • Data storage across the world
  • No third-party access
  • Easy collaboration and data management.
  • Easy backup and restore

WeSendIt Token Price Prediction

Year min Pricemax price

WeSendIt Airdrop

The WeSendIt team has announced that they are going to airdrop 30 million WeSendIt tokens; it’s going to be one of the biggest airdrops in crypto history. You can watch this video to learn more about WeSendIt airdrop and how you can qualify.

How to Get WeSendIt Tokens for Free?

You can invite your friends and get WSI tokens for free. You can get WSI tokens for every business or premium signup through your referral link. You can also participate in WSI airdrop and get rewarded.

FAQs Related to WeSendIt Tokens

Where to buy WeSendIt tokens?

You can buy WeSendIt tokens from pancakeswap only. Until now, the WSI token isn’t listed in a centralized exchange. 

Is WeSendIt tokens a good investment?

Data storage and security is the biggest concern of the present world; WeSendIt is trying to provide secure data storage and transfer service. So investing in the WeSendIt token might be a good choice.

What was the ido presale price of WeSendIt tokens?

The presale price of WeSendIt Tokens was $0.032.

What’s the total supply of WeSendIt Token?

The total supply of WSI tokens is 1.5 billion, and the initial circulating supply is just 37.5 million.

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