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Make Money Flipping Web3 Domains | A to Z Guide for Beginners

Domain flipping is among the most profitable business. Many domainers are flipping web2 domains. But in the last few years, web3 domains have gained enormous popularity. Due to the rise of blockchain and cryptos, blockchain domains are getting a good response. Web3 domains like ens and ud names are trading for a considerable amount.

Today we will discuss how you can make money flipping web3 domains. I will share the step-by-step guide to making money online with web3 domain flipping.

What is Web3 Domain Flipping?

Web3 domain flipping is the process of trading blockchain names. You can register a new blockchain domain or buy at a low price from the secondary market. After that, you’ll flip it at a higher price and make a profit. Web3 domain flipping can be a profitable side hustle as it’s very early.

sell web3 domains online

There are many blockchain domains, but today I will describe how to flip ens names as ens are the most popular web3 domains with many big secondary sells.

How Does Web3 Domain Flipping Work?

To get started with web3 domain flipping, you’ll need to load your crypto wallet. I will recommend using Metamask for web3 domain flipping as it’s most easy and supported by most websites. 

After that, you’ll need to go to app.ens.domains and search for the name you want to register. If the ens name is available, you can register it. If it’s not available, you need to search for it on OpenSea. As OpenSea is the largest nft marketplace, you can buy it if it’s reasonably priced. There is also the option to make an offer for that ens name.

As you all know, it’s also better to choose one quality name rather than ten bad names. So before buying/registering ens names, you should be careful. Always try to register names with meaning and avoid names with symbols, numbers, and dashes. 

Now it’s time for flipping ens names. In ens domain flipping, you may not need to wait as long as web2 domains. You can list your ens domain on nft marketplaces and leave it. These are the websites you can list your ens names

After listing, you can use Twitter to sell your names faster. On Twitter, you can shill your ens names and get instant sales. This process has helped me to sell several ens names. I have sold more web3 domains by utilizing twitter than by just listing them for sale on OpenSea or Other nft marketplaces.

How Much Does Web3 Domain Flipping Cost?

For ens domains flipping, we need to choose the names with low cost. As the five-character and longer ens names cost just $5 a year, you can register five char or more prolonged ens names. Depending upon the gas fees, an ens name cost between $6 to $8.

ENS Name Length (Char)Yearly Renewal Cost
5 Char & Longer Names5$
4 Char$160
3 Char$640
Yearly Renewal Charges of ENS names

This yearly charge will only be the cost, you pay for a single ens name. You don’t need to pay nft sites to list your names, as they charge commission only on sales.

How Much Can We Earn With Web3 Domain Flipping?

There is no fixed amount that you can earn from web3 domain flipping. There is no guarantee that the name you are registering will sell. So first, you need to be extra careful while registering names. We can see most ens names sell around 0.1 eth, which is around $100.

But this is for the familiar names if you find some good quality names. You can even flip it for specific ether. Until now, 000. eth is the biggest ens name flipped ever, and it was sold for 300 ether. 

Alternative Way of Flipping Web3 Domains

There is another alternative way of flipping web3 domains, which few people know. There are different club-based domains, like the 999 club. It’s a collection of web3 domains from 000 to 999. These are categorized domains and are highly traded. 

You can use the envision site to check the floor price ens of the club that you are targeting to buy. Based on my personal experience, 10k club on ens is the best category for web3 domain flipping. First, you need to determine the buying price. Then, when the floor price drops, you can buy that name. After that, you must wait for the floor price to increase and sell on profit. 

Buying a club’s name can be risky too, but when you need urgent money. You can quickly sell the names from popular categories. 

FAQs Web3 Domain Flipping

Is Web3 Domaining Profitable?

Yes, Web3 domaining can be profitable if you do it correctly. If you invest money in random names, the risk of losing money will increase. But if you do proper research and invest, you can get good outcomes from web3 names.

What are the Top Web3 Domain Extensions?

.eth is undoubtedly the most popular web3 extension. Besides these, other blockchain domains like .sol, .walle, and .crypto are also popular.


Web3 domain flipping can be a great side hustle, as the trend has started recently. There is a large number of people doing domain flipping business. They are flipping web2 domain extensions, and the number of people trading blockchain domains is few. As selling web3 domains is easy and fast compared to web2 domains, many web2 domainers have also started trading web3 names. If you can spend time researching, flipping web3 extensions like .eth can be profitable.

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