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Vita Inu Price Prediction | Will Vita Inu Reach $0.05 in 2023?

Vita Inu is a famous dog-themed meme coin. Recently it’s gained more popularity and is already among the top 1000 coins. Although there is no information about the Floki Inu team, they have attracted many crypto investors. There are lots of promises on the Floki Inu website, but we will discuss how they are permforming and what Vita Inu’s future (VINU) will be in this post.

Vitu Inu was introduced in the last quarter of 2021. They claim as the first memecoin in the metaverse. Even in this bearish market, VINU’s price hasn’t dropped compared to most other memecoins. Even though most of the top crypto’s prices have reduced by more than 90%, VINU’s price has fallen about 79% from its all-time high. Interestingly its price is up 366.5% from its all-time low price.

Vita Inu (VINU) Features

Before moving into price predictions, let’s dig into some of the top features of Vita Inu

1. No Fees – There are no fees to transfer VITA INU (VINU) while making transfers in its native chain.

2. Listed on Most Exchanges – Vita Inu (VINU) is listed on most exchanges like Huobi, poloneix, gate and bybit. It’s also on multiple chains like bsc and Ethereum.

3. Staking – You can stake your VINU tokens to earn more tokens. They have staking options on multiple platforms like digifinex and viva decentralized protocol.
VINU was successfully audited by certik with a good score.

4. VinuSwap and Vinuverse – Vinuswap is the DEX going to launch soon by the VINU team. It will allow the users to swap to VINU easily. VINU will also launch Vinuverse, and the governance platform and VINU holders will be able to vote.

Vita Inu Price History

Vita Inu was launched in 2021’s bull market. It performed well after the launch and reached its all-time high in march 2022. During the last week of march 2022, the VITU price went $0.000000068772.After that massive pump, its price continuously decreased in April, May and June. But it started moving upward in July and August. We saw a good pump in September’s first week. Again we can see the chart moving downward as the whole crypto market isn’t performing well.

Right now, the price of VINU is down about 79% from its all-time high price and up 366.5% from its all-time low price. Top cryptos with solid fundamentals are down more than 90% from their all-time high price. So if we compare VINU with them, it’s performing well than others.

Vita Inu Price Analysis

At the time of writing this Vita Inu (VITU) price prediction on 11/26/2022, VITU’s price was $0.000000013939, with a daily trading volume of $1,962,058. The token ranked #965 on CoinGecko, with a combined market cap of $6,896,424. The total circulating supply is 493,511,154,660,790 VITU.

Vita Inu Price Prediction

Vita Inu (VITU) price statistics (as of 11/26/22)

Current price$0.000000013954
Market Cap$6,896,352
Total circulating supply493,511,154,660,790
Maximum supply929,195,222,619,892
Daily trading volume$1,965,087
All-time high$0.000000003024
All-time low$0.000000068772 
Vita INU

Vita Inu Price Prediction

Vita Inu Price prediction for next five years.

YearMin PriceMax Price

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FAQs Vita Inu Coin

Can Vita Inu Coin Reach $1?

It’s almost impossible for the Vita Inu coin to reach $1 in the next five years. If the crypto market continues to grow, and VITU teams deliver their promises. We may see VITU crossing $1, but it’ll take a long time because the supply is too high.

How to Buy Vita Inu?

You can buy Vita Inu from CEX like Huobi, Gate and Poloneix. It’s also available in DEX, like Uniswap and Pancakeswap. You can exchange VITU coins with ether in Uniswap and BNB in Panckaswap.

Is Vitu Inu Coin a Good Investment?

Vitu Inu coin might be a good investment looking at their current performance. Their market cap is still low, and the team is delivering their promises. Even in the bearish market, they have performed well than most other big cryptos.

Can I Buy Vita Inu on Binance?

No, you can’t buy Vita Inu on Binance as it’s not been listed by the Binance until now.

When Was Vita Inu Launched?

Vita Inu was launched in November 2021.

Vita Inu Price Prediction 2025?

According to our prediction Vita Inu Price in 2025 will be between $0.00000020245 – $0.00000080245.

Vita Inu Price Prediction 2030?

If the Vinuverse project succed the price of Vita Inu can cross $0.000010005 untill 2030.

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