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Unstoppable Domains A to Z Guide For Beginners

Unstoppable Domain is the popular web3 domain registry. Currently, Unstopabbale Domains is offering nine web3 extensions. More than 2.9 million web3 domains are registered on unstoppable domains. You can use your unstoppable domain to send and receive more than 290 coins. Unstoppable Domains has done nearly 700 partnerships to attract more people to web3.

You can use Unstoppable Domain to create your web3 identity. You can register a name on UD and use it to surf on web3. You can also use it as an address to receive different cryptocurrencies. After using UD names, you don’t need to copy and paste the long crypto address. Instead, you can use yourname.crypto or any other extension to receive crypto payments.

UD makes it easy to receive crypto payments. It doesn’t require renewal fees like web2 domains and ens names. If you mint UD names on a polygon, you don’t have to pay any fees. You can also use your Unstoppable Domain to make a website.

In the recent years, we have already seen a remarkable rise in the crypto market. Many new people have entered the crypto market, and we have seen this effect in blockchain domains. As a result, the number of people registering blockchain domains increased massively. The secondary volume has also improved a lot. Even many big companies and influencers have started claiming their web3 identity.

Why Unstoppable Domains?

There are different blockchain domain providers, but there are some special reasons why you need to use Unstoppable Domains. Below are the reasons you should use the Unstoppable Domains.

why unstoppable domains?
  • No Renewal Fees – Web2 domain extensions like .com and even ens(Ethereum name service) have yearly renewal fees. But all the attachments available in UD have no renewals. They are a one-time purchase. You can register a UD domain name and use it forever.

  • No Need to Copy/Paste Crypto Address – Whenever we receive crypto, we must copy and paste the address. But with UD names, we can use names, like yourname.nft, to accept crypto. It makes it easy to remember, and you don’t have to copy and paste your crypto address repeatedly.

  • Multi Chain Support – Unstoppable Domains support multiple chains and over 270 cryptos. You can send and receive almost all top cryptos using UD names.

  • Make Decentralized Websites– You can create decentralized websites using UD names. You can make a gallery-like site to show all your nfts in the decentralized sites.

  • Still Early– Right now, there are many good UD names still not registered. You can register good decentralized domains, but in the next few years, you won’t be able to get those quality names. If we search for good .com names, it’s impossible to find any. So before web3 comes mainstream, you can secure a good name.

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FAQs Related to Unstoppable Domains

Will Unstoppable Domains Have a Token?

Until now, there has been no official confirmation about the tokens. But we may expect tokens similar to Ethereum Name Services. ENS had issued tokens and airdropped them to many early birds. If UD issues tokens in future, UD names holder may receive some airdrop.

How to Sell Your Unstoppable Domain?

To sell your Unstoppable Domains, go to the nft marketplaces like Opensea. Then connect your wallet there, and you can view your domain like the nfts. Listing the domains is also similar to listing nfts. Price them in Ethereum and sign the transaction. After that, your listing becomes active, and anyone interested in your name can directly buy.  They can also make offers to your name, and even unlisted names can also receive offers.

Are Unstoppable Domains a Good Investment?

As web3 is slowly spreading, Decentralized Domains like UD might become a good investment in the long run. If web3 succeed, there will be higher chances of blockchain domains getting good recognition. 

Which Unstoppable Domain is Best?

There are nine Unstoppable Domain extensions, as per the users .nft, .wallet and .crypto seem more liked by users. But they all have the same features so you can use any of them.

Why Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains has no renewal charges and many extensions available. Ud names are one-time purchases, and you have full ownership; UD names are best.

Unstoppable Domains Airdrop? 

There is no official confirmation regarding the UD airdrop, but a similar web3 domain registry ENS has done a massive airdrop. So we can expect a similar airdrop by UD to its users.

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